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Building Trust

Building Trust

We all want to have those few people in our life who we know we can trust-no matter what. So why is it so hard some times?

As a child, we learn to trust our primary care-giver (usually our parents), when our very fundamental needs are met. Needs like being fed and changed and soothed. As we grow up, we no longer trust someone because they change our diaper! We trust someone who sees us as we really are and still accepts us. But in a fallen world, we hurt and get hurt so often that it feels almost impossible to believe or experience unconditional acceptance that trust is built on.

But trust is not an impossible feat! It can take time and consistency, but you can build it back into your relationships.

Keep in mind the following things when you are looking to renew or rebuild trust in your relationships:

Do I create an atmosphere that demonstrates I accept this person flaws and all?

When this person interacts with me, can he or she consistently sense that I care and hear what is being communicated?

When this person differs from me, can I still show I care about them regardless of our differences?
Am I being consistent in my actions that show acceptance?

With time, commitment and consistency, creating meaningful relationships built on trust is possible!